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Recommended Shopping in Milwaukee

Outpost Natural Foods

Outpost is just around the corner from us and so we visit there at least twice a week. The kids can join the Kids' Club and get free fruit leather with every visit. They frequently have food samples out, and they have a killer bulk-foods aisle where one can get all kinds of nuts and treats.

Trader Joe's

They are in Bayshore Mall and are constantly crowded. Our family loves their orange juice and they have a selection of inexpensive wines and many organic food choices. The kids go through boxes of their cinnamon-flavored organic oatmeal.

Whole Foods

There was fear that they'd run Outpost out of business but we see the two stores as complimentary to each other, and not necessarily close enough in proximity to have too much of an effect on one another. You can actually eat meals at Whole Foods as they have several in-store stations such as a grill, sushi bar, taqueria, salad bar, pasta bar, olive bar, gelatto and dessert stations, and a coffee and hot drinks station.