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Synopsis of Just Listen

By Mark Goulston

Chapter 2: How the Brain Goes from "No" to "Yes"

Chapter 5: Make the Other Person Feel Felt

Chapter 6: Be More Interested Than Interesting

Chapter 8: Help People to Exhale Emotionally and Mentally

Questions for your sullen teenager:

Chapter 9: Check Your Dissonance at the Door

Chapter 10: When All Seems Lost — Bare Your Neck

Chapter 11: Steer Clear of Toxic People


Chapter 12: The Impossibility Question

Moving a person from listening to considering — and from "Yes...but" to "Yes!". Here is how it works:

Chapter 14/15: The Empathy Jolt / The Reverse Play

Chapter 16: "Do you REALLY Believe That?"

Chapter 17: The Power of Hmmmm

Chapter 19: From Transaction to Transformation