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Online Security Tips


The following are tips to keep your security in check with Google:


To adjust which apps can access information about you on Facebook: Click the down arrow to the right of your name on your Facebook news feed or timeline. Then, click on Settings >> click on Apps on the left-hand side of the page >> then click on specific apps to see what information they can see, like your email address and birthday. You might also see a note saying the app can post messages to Facebook on your behalf.

Also, consider examining the settings of the Facebook app on your phone. In "Settings & Privacy", you can click on "Privacy Shortcuts" and then click on "Privacy Checkup". Also under "Privacy Shortcuts", you can click on "More Settings" and adjust apps and ads settings.


Here's how to remove apps that track you: click on the down arrow next to "Me" and below your photo, near the center of the top of your home page. From there, select Settings & Privacy >> Partners and Services >> Permitted Services >> choose "Remove" to the right of apps you don't want tracking you (or choose "Change" if that appears).


Be sure to visit your Privacy Dashboard and change any settings you need to. From there, you can clear out your voice, search, browsing, and location data as well as adjust ad preferences.


You can revoke access to apps on Twitter. Start by clicking on your account and selecting Settings and Privacy >> Apps >> choose "Revoke Access" to the right of apps you don't want tracking you.

Web Browsers

The following are sites and tips which can help identify security and privacy issues with your web browser:

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are susceptible to viruses and ransomware. Additionally, the privacy settings that they ship with allow for cross-advertising and tracking of your viewing habits. Here are ways to reduce or eliminate privacy concerns for various brands of Smart TVs:

Amazon Echo

Here are some Amazon Echo privacy tips:

Please also visit the social media opt-outs section of the opt-outs page.