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iTunes Stats: display your iTunes and iPod library stats and listening habits

I liked this iTunes stats thing on Facebook, What's on my iPod? but I wanted to get the stats without having to upload my file all the time. So, I taught myself a little VB Script and wrote a rudimentary stats/metrics program. It basically spits out a bunch of numbers and lists to a date-stamped file and it takes about a minute to run for every 1,000 songs you have. For me, it takes just over 3 minutes to run on my aging home PC (with nearly 5,000 songs).

You can save it anywhere on your PC and double-click on it and it should run. You may need to have VB.NET installed, so you can go to the Microsoft Updates site for that. I am VERY interested in feedback on this, and I'd welcome enhancements to the script as well. You can email me at (just remove the "-NOSPAM").

Download iTunesStats.vbs for Windows for free
Download iTunesStats.scpt for Mac for free

View sample output text file of iTunes Stats

iTunes Stats Update History — Last Several Revisions

Version Released Release Notes
Mac   3-25-2018 Mac version updated to deal with Unicode issue.
Mac   7-5-2017 NEW! Mac version created!
2.30   1-9-2016 Added 2 new sections: top albums by total play count of the songs on that album and top albums by total play time

I had to remove the most-skipped songs because now that songs can exist in the iCloud, they do not have a skipped count and they also do not have a "location" field so I can't detect if a song is in the cloud or local.
2.29   8-8-2014 Now also skips podcasts. These were causing an issue when trying to determine the skip counts of tracks.
2.28   12-18-2012 Now skips audio streams and videos
2.27   10-21-2012 Now prints how long it would take to listen to your entire collection once around

Now prints average listening time per day since first track added

Bug fix: average track time is now printing correctly in the CSV file
2.26   10-19-2012 Now prints a count of the number of songs without lyrics
1.0   12-24-2008 iTunesStats created

Also available are other useful iTunes scripts (in JavaScript and Visual Basic Script) which can do things such as generate a file that shows which of your tracks are missing lyrics, which are missing tracks, etc: