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Synopsis of The Nibble Theory

By Kaleel Jamison

The concept of growth having no boundaries and sharing power reminded me of the other book we read where it talked about how it is powerful to actually give power away.

In reading this, I see the theory going beyond individuals and groups. I started to think about this on a global scale, both in terms of power but also resources. Resources are a different story because they are finite, but they can still be shared. I think of how knowledge is power and that an educated society, an educated planet as a whole, can only help to lift all of us up.

Carl Rogers said, "what's most personal is universal."

A strength is something you are born with, something from the center of yourself. A skill is something you have learned to do.

Page 63: you should pay attention to the people who encourage you to grow. These are not always the people who coddle you, not always the people who seem to wish to protect you. Protection is sometimes a form of limitation.

Page 67: we become what we pretend to be; so we must be careful what we pretend to be.